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Poverty and illiteracy have a causal relationship, there is no poor educated society, and no rich people are illiterate, providing equal opportunities and fair distribution of educational facilities for all students is an effective strategy for coping with poverty.
Although low income, one of the pillars of poverty is capable of, but never expresses all its dimensions. Having incomes does not meet all the needs, and overcoming the complications of complex life today is not possible merely with more income.

In the new development literature, the poor are said to have the power to choose less and less in life. Today, the concept of other poverty is not equal to income poverty and poverty alleviation, and cultural poverty, human poverty and poor ability provide a more complete conception of poverty.

Governments and the economic and political structures that focus on increasing the income level of people to save their citizens from poverty, are not efficient because they do not remove the pillars of poverty. It is possible that oil-rich countries that have overcome the poverty of the general population, but still suffer from poverty.

The poor is simply and in the new sense a person who has illiteracy and gender discrimination and does not have access to healthy health and nutrition. The most obvious effect of poverty is that the children of the deprived class of the community enjoy the social opportunities of their peers in the middle and upper classes Deprived.
Poverty and illiteracy have a cause-and-effect relationship. General education helps educate every student to reduce inequality and poverty rates.

Providing equal opportunity and fair access to educational facilities for all students is an effective strategy for poverty alleviation. There is no poor educated society and no rich people are illiterate.

Best assistance to the development of educational justice and poverty alleviation, along with the provision of equal educational opportunities to all Iranian children, may be that education should help students to discover their capabilities.
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