Financial and Livelihoods Support


a) Financial support

In order to support the scholarship students and their families, Monthly payment (percentage of total financial support) is transferred to their mother or student’s guardian’s account to be spend for education and livelihood issues.

B) Livelihood Support:

One of the most important features that makes choosing students who deprived of father is their needs and requirements. On one hand, the economic weakness and livelihood difficulties of scholarship student’s families prevents them to study and makes them to start working at early ages and on the other hand, complications causes by these Livelihood issues causes they lose their peace of mind and dropout the school.
Based on these, Bonyad Danesh takes Part of its power regarding this matter and takes action to provide livelihood services for scholarship students and their family.
The most important support for livelihoods are:
Granting food package, Donation of clothing, assistance to provide a place to live, Supply home appliances, loan granting, Professional training to the family members of scholarships students and employment for them.