Educational Services
Bonyad Danesh is up to make a better future for talented scholarship students who are deprived of father and needs help, by Focusing on nurturing their educational talent.

Bonyad Danesh offers a range of educational services to its scholarship students to develop their educational talents.
The aim of this services is helping these talented students to be successful in their educational journey and covering their educational needs.
The main services of Bonyad Danesh for scholarships students are as below:
• course selection advisory
• providing supplementary reading material
• financial and educational support
• Educational Guides
• Workshops
• School improvements for scholarship students
• Additional classes for scholarship students
• Educational guidance
At present, educational department of Bonyad Danesh, carries out educational services for their scholarship students in Tehran and also through its representors in Iran.
Educational specialist as a main body of this unit have a direct relationship with scholarship students and they are responsible to support them.
• Activities:
1. In-direct communication: in-direct communication tools such as telephone, social media are considered in order to develop relationship and communicate with scholarship students to guide them.
2. Face to face communication: In this way, scholarship students are guided in individual way or in a group.
3. School Communications: For this purpose, scholar student’s status is determined by communicating with the school and relevant teacher and also their parents and after that necessary reports are presented to the training and educational specialist in the relevant form.

• Supervising and directing culture and educational specialist activities:
There is a training and educational leader who monitor the activities of numbers of culture and educational specialists directly while the type of their observation is supervising along with guidance.
Training and educational specialists are required to report their activities in a special forms to the relevant leader continuously to be send to the deputy of educational and support department.
In some cases, this supervision on training and educational specialist activates will be done through some gathered information from student’s parents and their schools by those leaders who are in the bonyad's educational and support departments.